Deep Dive Sessions

Below are some samples from the Deep Dive sessions at this year's Catalyst Summit.


Learning the Skills of a Maker at BitSpace

Bit Space will provide a workshop that incorporates design thinking with hands-on learning. We will focus on using basic hand tools and power tools to demonstrate cutting-drilling-doweling techniques to create a variety of projects.


Welcoming Clients to Class

 Working out of a local co-working space, we will help teachers to a) identify clients and initiatives that may be interesting to their students, b) identify their own personal areas of interest and passion for solving problems in their own towns and cities, c) layout a creative brief, and d) review case studies from our own work that will provide ideas and inspirations. Our goal is to help educators to become comfortable working with real clients for project-based learning initiatives.


Social Networks and School Communities

 We'll focus on Understanding social networks as a way to literally see the connections in your community to understand how information flows. We'll touch on how information outside our school communities flows and how to use those networks to connect more directly to information and collaborative opportunities that will push our communities forward.